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EO Sandler Foundations

Sandler Foundational Training for EO Member Companies

EO Foundations

The Sandler Sales Mastery Foundations program is a complete overview of the Sandler Selling Process delivered in weekly 2-hour sessions, over an 11-week cycle. The Foundations Program is designed to provide an understanding of basic attitudes, techniques, and behaviors needed to improve sales performance.

Other professions are consistently honing their skills and so should salespeople. Whether your goal is to have your team broaden their selling scope, brush up their skills, or set a new foundation from which to start, we will cover one topic per session addressing the ins and outs of concepts that will take your team member(s) to the next level. These sessions will lay the groundwork to deliver attitudes and techniques that are critical to success in a career in sales through specialized training.

The Foundations program introduces to the participant a structured, proven sales process that results in predictable sales that drive revenue and profits. Learning and understanding the Sandler system of selling gives the sales professional more control of the sales interaction and the sales manager a better way to hold the team accountable to proper execution of that sales process.

Consider enrolling the members of your sales team in the Sandler Foundations program who:

• Have difficulty establishing value, so only sell on price and consistently give away margin
• Need to improve their ability to ask questions to uncover true needs
• Have great technical knowledge, but poor communication and people skills
• Continue to have low closing ratios / Not closing his or her fair share of deal
• Consistently perform too much of unpaid consulting without getting commitments
• Have always gone for low-hanging fruit and avoids approaching tougher deals
• Continue to invest too much time with prospects who never buy
• Have sales cycles longer than they should be
• You know have potential, but just need a systematic approach and the tools to perform effectively and consistently
• Is unable to sell in a consultative manner
• Need a strong selling process in order to stop “winging it” with prospects

Upon completion of the Foundations Program, participants will be more equipped to:

• Effectively sell in a more consultative manner vs falling into the trap of selling as if they’re product is a commodity
• Have an increased ability to qualify the right opportunities and effectively disqualify non-opportunities quickly and effectively
• More effectively establish the unique value of your product or service
• Effectively pursue and obtain your company’s “next-level” customer
• Develop sales opportunities more effectively through strong questioning and more focused presentation skills
• Understand how to develop stronger rapport and better relationships while prospecting for new customers
• Have more effective prospecting skills to find and develop new sales opportunities
• Recognize and eliminate those self-limiting beliefs that have prevented them from being successful or maximizing the success they already may have
• Improve their closing ratio and efficiency (close more deals in less time)
• Become more systematic in their selling efforts, and start delivering more predictable and effect results

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When: Every Thursday from 11:30am - 1:30pm beginning January 17, 2019 

Location: Thinkspace facility on Lake Union, located at 1700 Westlake Ave. N., Ste. 200, Seattle, WA 98109. 


*Note: Participants will have a few options to make up any sessions they miss, should conflicts arise during the scheduled session time.

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