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What They Say

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Changed the trajectory of my business.

James' course and training completely changed the trajectory of my business. Before I worked with James, I was just improvising on intro calls with prospective new clients. Now I have a plan going in to every call.

James has given me a roadmap for how to have structured, informative, and actionable Zoom calls with prospective new clients.

My conversations changed instantly and the transformation was immediate. I've had to hire two employees to keep up with the project flow. Thank you, James!

Eli Neal, 4 Corners Financial Forensics -- December, 2022

I Would Highly Recommend Going with James!

The Sandler Training 8 weeks foundation course with James was very helpful to me. I’ve been working on applying the new concepts each week, and will continue to do so now that the the class is complete. I reached out to James because I was falling behind and had no formal sales training or previous experience. I went from almost losing my job due to underperformance to doubling my monthly sales targets AND quarterly contract requirements by the time I completed this course, and this training played a significant role in my growth.

The multi-week class format was much more beneficial than a single-day crash course when it comes to applying and practicing the concepts, then building on those gradually. This makes the information easier to retain and build as habits, rather than a one day info overload that’s too much to remember and implement all at once. It's also nice to have access to a virtual class session and the online portal the course recordings are posted, so I can re-watch to keep this front of mind. You also get access to tons of other online training and resources which are available long after the course is complete to help reinforce and learn more. Complete honesty: I did not have time to complete the reinforcement "homework" assignment each week and I did not feel pressure or guilt from James about this. I also view this as a positive because I can slowly work through them each week now that the course is over to make sure the information stays top of mind and that I continue to use the concepts. James doesn't make people feel bad or put them on the spot if they didn't quite offer the answer he's looking for when he engages the class with questions. He also provided tips on what to add to your personal "playbook" which was helpful. When I asked for any additional resources, James provided it, and I know that he will make himself available if I ever need advice or support in the future.

The Sandler training is very applicable as a full sales cycle AE, from prospecting and discovery, to demo and close, and it helped me improve at moving opps through my sales pipeline faster and with less uncertainty over the prospect's motivations. By following the Sandler Method, there should be zero surprises and sales is no longer a guessing game. If sales training ever comes up in discussion, I’ll definitely be recommending James (it is virtual, but still a live course, so you can take his training from anywhere which is nice)! While it appears other Sandler trainings are available, I can see how different trainers might have their own approach. This is why I would highly recommend going with James!

P.S. - if you need support in getting your leadership to cover the cost of the training, James will definitely offer some tips. He gave me advice on how to present it to our sales leaders and he then ended up speaking to and convincing them to cover the training for not just me, but the whole team. He is a great salesman, himself.

Katie Rickel, Lotis Design -- May 2022



Overall Amazing Experience with James!

James throughout the entire course was very personable and added his personality in everything he spoke about. He as well related what he was saying to our specific jobs and positions, which creates that value for each individual person in the course. The notes I gathered from this course has transformed my coaching ability with my sales people and now I have a basis that I can grow from – currently by reading “you can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar” just to cross my T’s and dot my I’s and possibly learn something more about what James went over. Overall, amazing experience with James and would refer James to any other company that has a sales aspect to it!

Hailey Nelson, Big Steel Box -- July 2022


James was a Fantastique Instructor

James was a fantastique instructor. Not only did he keep the lessons engaging, but he explained things in a way that made it super easy to understand, no matter what type of learner you are. He kept everything super interactive and was always available to answer a question inside the session and outside. I had prior Sandler experience but found my understanding by the end of the course increased immensely. Appreciate the time spent James! PS. The man is FULL of great metaphors!

Jagger Gravel, Big Steel Box - July 2022

Awesome Experience

I just wanted to thank you again for the class today. I have to admit I had some trepidation going in, and honestly didn’t have the highest expectations. It was by far the most helpful guidance I’ve received since I joined sales, and I can’t wait for the next course. Again, thank you so much, and you’re an amazing teacher!

Aaron West, Pacific Container Corporation - March 2020

I cannot offer any higher recommendation than James...

I met James during my attendance at his Sandler Foundation course in Seattle in June – August 2018. Our company, Tatango, had used James in the past for Leadership and Sales training and I was the ‘new’ person that needed to go see James. I came to Tatango in February 2018 after almost 10 years at AT&T.

AT&T had 4 or 5 different styles of Sales training. I thought I had seen it all. I had been successful at AT&T, growing sales about 20% YoY for a growing technology. I didn’t truly deploy sales techniques based on AT&T training as it was very complex. I was closing deals because of the wide reach of AT&T account teams and the sheer numbers of established contacts. I didn’t really have a process.

When I started taking the Sandler course from James, I understood I had no process. I had no system. Working for a much smaller company, my lack of process was magnified significantly. James and the Sandler process helped contain my energy, redirect my false enthusiasm and hope, and forced me into managing my process.

So….I finished the course in early August. What happened? I am killin’ it. The ability to determine a customer fit/no fit with a potential opportunity saves me from providing free consulting – this was a pitfall for me before. Determining pain points, reversing customer questions and even simply communicating more effectively with statements that can’t be pushed off or answered with a yes or no – all taught by James.

What’s fun? Closing deals is fun! If your company has sales teams that are struggling, I recommend James and the Sandler Foundations courses. Honestly, you simply cannot afford not to do this – I cannot offer any higher recommendation than James.

JACK BOBIN, TATANGO-- October 2018

Having been in a sales role with large companies with training programs for over a decade, I felt like I had a grasp on sales and process. That is until I moved to small company in a new city working in a role that was entirely based around creating your own prospects and utilizing new methods I was totally unfamiliar with. I quickly realized I was in over my head. Thankfully, a good friend’s father in Chicago had just opened a Sandler franchise and taught me a couple of ideas that worked incredibly effectively. All the books I had read had never discussed personal accountability and I knew that’s what I need. That’s when I sought James’ help. James has been beyond helpful – he helped me understand both my strengths and weaknesses, then where these comes from, followed by how to address them. Sales is not an easy world – I’m riddled with rejection every day. With James’ help, I was able to push forward when I felt crippled by rejection. I’m also able to identify the patterns of “not doing enough” and get ahead of it. This is beyond helpful and I am ever grateful for all he does.


James worked with me to bring my own ideas and strengths into sharper focus and then supported me to build the additional structures we needed to elevate our work. At each session James delivered top tier material, consultation and a master class in facilitation. Our team is building stronger relationships, generating bigger investments, and better understands what actions they need to take today to have success in the short and long term. My year with James was an amazing gift and two years later I still apply the tools he shared.


“James is a great mentor and coach. He equipped me with all the necessary tools and methods to help build my client base as well as grow our revenues. In the short time that I have been a part of Sandler, I have become more confident and comfortable as a business owner as well as growing my team.

In addition, James’ guidance and mentoring have played a vital role in my growth, as well as the company’s. I would highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to benefit from his teaching to take advantage of the program. If you’re truly serious about growing your business and/or improving your results, it’s worth a having a discussion with James to determine if you are a good fit for Sandler. I’m certainly glad that I did.”

Michel Abraham, President/Owner, CMIT Solutions -- 2018

He brings real world sales experience into every session...

"James has been my Sandler trainer and coach for the past year. Opening a new business is a scary prospect. As a new business owner with no formal sales training, and being the one responsible to bring new clients through the door, this is both daunting and challenging. Through the Foundations training and weekly President’s Club, James equips me with the tools to do this aspect of my job more effectively. He brings real world sales experience into every session and holds all of us accountable for improving our techniques. The weekly President’s Club classes have been especially helpful in being able to drill in more deeply into each component of the Sandler system. The ability to roleplay with other business owners and sales people has been invaluable for integrating the Sandler techniques into my day-to-day sales opportunities.

I would highly recommend James and Top-Tier to anyone who is looking to jump-start their sales career or take their existing performance to the next level."


August Hill, President/Owner of CMIT Solutions of Bothell -- January 2016

James is a blend of the best...

"I’ve been a member of the Sandler President’s Club since the summer of 2010. From the very start, I learned the true value of salesmanship. Countless people believe that selling involves winging it, rather than a systematic approach. Sandler not only reinforces the importance of using a selling system, but also provided me with one that surpasses a gold standard. I felt like a new person: better communicator, better leader, even a better dresser at the end of the day. I began Sandler as I was starting out as a Financial Advisor. Selling financial products wasn’t a cakewalk given the level of competition. However, Sandler helped me to distinguish myself through carefully crafted questions that struck at the heart of my prospect’s needs. Ultimately, my book of business grew to a point in which I was able to sell my financial practice after 5 years to one of the top Advisors in the industry. After a successful stint selling financial products for years, I took a leap into the world of eLearning with my own business. Sandler gave me the sales confidence and communication skills to build a network of clients all across the world. The training, coupled with the trainer, made all the difference.

James is a blend of the best. He not only brings unparalleled vision and marketable creativity to the table, but also a rare brand of integrity and passion. Business owners look specifically for people like James because he absolutely refuses to underperform: he won’t ever shortchange a client, and is constantly delivering his best."


Timothy E. Jones, CPA, President of Covestream -- January 2016

I have been in sales for a very long time. As an old dog, sometimes we are reluctant to learn new things. However if we want to excel in the new millennium, we must learn to adapt. For the job I am currently in, Sales Development, I spend all day on the phones trying to get past gate keepers and to have an opportunity to speak to decision makers. The Sandler training has changed the amount of times I get hung up on or get to decision makers. Truly remarkable. The upfront contract REALLY works. For the folks in my group that are embracing it, we have had tremendous success. I can't wait for our refresher as now that I have mastered my opening, want to master the hooks. For any of your prospective clients that are wavering, it truly has changed the way, and the success, of the cold call. I highly recommend it.

Rick Wilson, Cerium Networks, Sales Development Rep. -- August 2016


Improved My Confidence...

I certainly can say that Sandler made a positive impact on my sales career. The understanding of the D.I.S.C. type personalities has done wonders in improving my confidence when dealing with people outside of my comfort zone. Being able to identify and properly respond to the unique types of people I deal with on a day to day basis has improved my reception by them as well as quickly build strong relationships.

Everything was wonderful! James has such a way to connecting to this "students". I will continue to try and take classes taught by him. I have never been disappointed.

Shayna Moran, Group Sales Manager, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton - Seattle Airport Southcenter -- May 2015

I am constantly getting ideas to improve my business...

"I have been working with James off and on over the past several years, mostly off due to my lack of prioritizing my sales training. But after a checking in phone call James has got me back on the track to getting my sales techniques and strategies in place. For me this is much more than just a sales class, I am constantly getting ideas to improve my business overall. I find James' approach to class entertaining, engaging and definitely worth the time spent.

One of the great parts of President's Club is that I get to share ideas and hear what's working for others while continuing to hone my sales skills and minimize my head trash. "

My production has increased 100%...

"I started working with James in 2012, and frankly I cannot believe what a difference it has made! James and I worked through the Sandler process, and at first I was skeptical about actually using the “Up Front Contract,” but it worked the very first time I tried it.

Since I've started working with James, my production has increased 100% and I have received awards for my sales production. Although I am in the Financial Services industry, James coaching/sales process would easily apply to any industry. On a personal level, James is very responsive and is always there when I need him. His role -playing sessions have been invaluable to me and candidly, changed my professional life. Thank you James!"


Wendy Kizzier, Sr. Wealth Strategist, Northern Trust -- October 2021

Sandler training from James totally changed the way we think about our sales process. We've stop wasting time with unqualified prospects that will never close and are closing faster, clearer, and better deals than ever before.

Kav Latiolais, Principal/Owner, LIFFT --April 2014

I now have a system ...

"I came to the Sales Boot Camp with little training in sales and marketing. I had a haphazard sales strategy and was very frustrated by my inability to make beneficial partnerships with referral sources. Sales Boot Camp was a perfect introduction to sales. I now have a system that works for me and, more importantly, I have confidence in my ability to close the deal. Since the training I have had measurable growth in revenue."

This was the most valuable training...

"This was the most valuable training I've ever been a part of. It was the perfect mix of strategic-level processes and tactical phrases and techniques. I ended up having a sales call in the middle of the two day bootcamp, and the difference was night and day. I successfully navigated around several mistakes I would have made just 24 hours ago, I was able to get the customer to open up and reveal key information I would have otherwise missed, and was generally far more confident and comfortable with the entire situation.

In the immortal words of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons: Best. Sales training. Ever.

I enjoyed the Cold Calling Boot Camp very much. It changed my perspective on cold calling, and removed much of the pressure I tend to put on myself. With the changed perspective and attitude, I've modified how I approach and articulate what I am selling from a "what we offer" to a "how can I solve your challenges" view. It really changed how I approach cold calling. I don't have any immediate results, but I believe as I continue to develop these skills and understand our consumer's challenges I will become a better sales person.

Carissa Kirk, Territory Manager, Whitman Global Carpet and Floor Care -- August 2014

Michael Kerr, Senior Agent for USA Benefits Group -- April 2012

"Coming from a background of traditional sales techniques of immediately presenting the features and benefits of my products compared to the Sandler Sales System of “Discovering the Prospect’s Pains” has been a change for the better. The Sandler Sales System of connecting with the prospect and uncovering the reasons to do business in the first place, before I present any solutions, just makes more sense."

it workds

Almendra Gutierrez, Sales & Marketing Manager, MarQueen Hotel & Inn at Queen Anne - March 2013

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your cold call boot camp on Friday March 23. I broke through some hang ups that I had had about calls and learning your system has informed my experience so positively."

It was a pleasure having James Alberson as our trainer for Sandler Training's: Strategic Sales Boot Camp to our Sales and Account Management Department. It truly was an eye opening sales boot camp. One of the best sales courses we have participated in over the many years I have been involved in the CSI US sales group. Great interaction and James is very experienced. It was great to get instruction from such a knowledgeable member of sales. Many of our sales people have attended sales training in the past, and several of them were very leery of having to attend yet another Sales Boot Camp training. I'm happy to say that all of these sales representatives have since implemented several of the Sandler sales tactics including: upfront agenda, how to adjust your communication to maximize results, how to significantly reduce unpaid consulting, and gain commitment to move to the next level, etc. I would definitely recommend Sandler Training and this course for any organization looking to improve sales.

Al Buckingham, President of ChinaSoft International - April 2012

Enhanced our cold-calling effectiveness...

"James was great – we found him engaging, energetic, and professional! The workshops gave our team new techniques to enhance cold-calling effectiveness and help drive new business. Some of the topics discussed that I found most useful included: why clients buy (identifying pain) and getting past the gatekeeper. We will definitely be taking more Sandler courses!"

Absolute success!...

"Today's Cold Call Clinic was an absolute success for me. I booked an appointment that could be one of the biggest deals in the history of our company. My head is spinning. Thanks, Sandler Training!"

Thanks for increasing my cold calling rate!...

"I want to personally thank James Alberson and his team at Sandler Training. The Cold Call Boot Camp did wonders for me just after the first hour I used it. Within 20 calls, I landed two appointments with prospects. Before the Cold Call Boot Camp, it would take me 40-60 calls to get the same number of appointments. Thanks for increasing my cold calling rate!"

Completely changed the direction of this sales cycle...

Sandler Training with James Alberson has been my introduction to a more productive and professional way of selling. I had an important follow up phone call to make on a Wednesday morning following a Sandler Training Session the evening before. I used two techniques I learned the previous night and completely changed the direction of this sales cycle; I had been working on this project for three months. Sandler techniques work; James has a way of keeping the information easy to understand yet impactful.


It worked!

“This week has been a great testament to the Sandler process! I finally broke through some of my head trash and had about 60% of my voicemails returned which generated 4 appointments. I followed the system and did not try to reinvent it or put my own spin on it. It worked! I also did a full day of walk-in cold calls which generated 2 on the spot appointments and 1 closed deal in a matter of 3 minutes talking with the decision maker. The calling in your office, the reinforcement of regular President’s Club attendance, and the additional support that you, Doug, and Carrie provide is invaluable. I am so grateful to have this to contribute to my sales success. THANK YOU!!!!”

Looking forward to increased success...

"I have really enjoyed training with the Sandler System. Although I have only been exposed to it for a few weeks, I have already seen improvements in the results I am getting contacting and working with prospects. The program has allowed for a lot of interaction and feedback from class participants. Exposure to other professionals outside my field has hammered home the universality of the philosophical underpinnings of the program. I am looking forward to the rest of the President's Club program and increased success in my field."

I am now ranked #1 in my company...

“Since adapting the Sandler training techniques I have not only been promoted, but I am now ranked number one in my company. I made more money last quarter than I did all last year.”


You gotta know that without a solid selling system your sales are out of control and you're missing excellently qualified closure on sales that bring money to your bank. I'm an interior designer and sales skills have eluded me until I invested in Sandler Training. Don't waste any more of your time. Sign up. It's challenging, but what worth anything in life doesn't come with a little up-hill climb?

Keith Miller, Interior Designer Miller Interior Design -- August 2011

Sandler techniques I used worked like a CHARM...

"Wanted to let you know that I received a call back on my cell phone from one of the designers that I cold-called today. She tried to get away with the “literature request” type of brush-off, but I used the Sandler techniques that we learned in class and ….I have a meeting set up with her next Thursday at 9am! Yay! I was feeling so good that I decided to call back the other designer that I had cold-called. I was on the phone with her for 20 minutes and the Sandler techniques I used worked like a CHARM. I wanted to say how helpful the cold-call clinic was for me today. I know we should be selling more in the Seattle-area, but I HATE cold-calling and always make up excuses to avoid it. This is the first time I’ve felt a little excited to be cold-calling. Jeffrey and I are both really excited about Sandler and can’t wait to learn more."

Customer Service Free Session

Further ahead personally, professionally AND financially...

“In my opinion, anyone in business could benefit wildly from your insight, style and Sandler techniques. As a 20-year sales professional, I kick myself for not taking the course years ago. If I had, I know I would be much further ahead personally, professionally and financially.” 


I have been using the Sandler system from the first day of class. I have been telling everyone I know that this is by far the best training I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them. There is no way you could take this training and not have it help you. It has been so great to have James as a coach and friend. He truly cares about his students in his class and it shows from the first day you enter his door.

Jason Montgomery, D&J Cleaning -- April 2011

Take back control of the selling process...

"As a new President's Club member, I am just finishing up my introduction to Sandler Training. James Alberson has a way of explaining the Sandler Selling System that has allowed me to take back control of the selling process and given me a renewed sense of self-confidence after many years of being rejected by prospects who were probably never qualified to do business with me in the first place. Just having scratched the surface after 3 months of classes, I am surprised at how much of the information being taught is having a positive effect in my personal, as well as my professional life. I found myself making an 'upfront contract' with my daughter the other day and have even used my newfound ability to adapt to different personality types in dealing with my wife on several occasions. I would recommend James and Sandler Training to anyone who is interested in growing their business and taking life to the "next level". Thanks James"

Have found significant success...

"My sales skills have significantly improved through James' Sandler Training classes. I am a sales rep with FastTrax Media where we sell TV advertising to small businesses and several of my colleagues are in his class. Even though there are several other students in his class who are in different business industries, James does really well in incorporating examples on how to implement sales techniques to fit every part of each of our lines of work. James takes the time to make sure all of us understands each sales skill he introduces. I've used the skills he taught with Sandler Training and have found significant success in each new skill I've learned. His techniques have helped me improve my ability to place appointments with customers through cold calling, control the conversation, explore different ways to help my customers with the services I provide, expand the budget my customers are willing to pay, as well as close more sales. I highly recommend James if you want to see dramatic results."

When I came to James, I had no sales experience whatsoever. James and his training gave me the confidence I needed to be successful in sales. Thanks to James, my company is now growing in ways I could have never imagined.

Alice Stevenson, Geeks@Site -- February 2011

Immediate Tangible Results...

“In the past I have been reluctant to engage outside training or consultants to further develop my team and me. This is the first investment in my team that I have seen immediate tangible results. I highly recommend Sandler Training for anyone looking to drive significant business results.”

Assisted me in closing more deals...

“Although I’ve been in sales for the last 15 years, my membership in the Sandler President’s Club has assisted me in closing more deals. I appreciated your coaching with all the different selling obstacles I faced. I highly recommend you and Sandler Training for companies that want to see immediate sales results.”

It seems as though I'm batting 1000 since joining the Sandler President's Club. Initially, I joined Sandler for one reason: to make more sales. Although I'm relatively new to financial product sales, I have already noticed increased productivity in the short time since James and I began working together. I'm still able to recall the utter shock on my face the first time I followed Sandler's selling model. The meeting was flowing along and before I even mentioned a fee, the prospect began to fill out a check, looked up, and asked for an amount to place in the box. Excuse me? Thankfully, the utter shock caused my mouth to open and I was able to spout out the fee; yet, I was stunned. The point: Sandler works and will boost your sales. More importantly however, James, through The President's Club, trains you to become an effective communicator. I call him regularly with questions and run scenarios by him before and after meetings. He's accessible, knowledgeable, and practical; clearly a fantastic communicator and resource to have. The process is self-reinforcing. Sales come from effective communication; James is an effective communicator; James teaches us to effectively communicate; we effectively communicate to prospects; prospects buy and we make sales. The process has worked several times for me and I've been in the program for 9 weeks. Who knows, maybe batting 1000 a year from now isn't out of the park.

Timothy Jones, Financial Planner, Waddell & Reed -- August 2010

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