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In the past ten years, Millennials have been entering the workplace more than ever. While some may still view Generation Y as overeager interns, these developing leaders are becoming the future of successful business. And while it is easy to view a younger generation as lacking in knowledge and experience, the truth is Millennials have a lot to offer. Here are five ways this technologically advanced generation has the ability to bring new life and energy to a workplace:  1. Gen Y Believes In Transparency & Equality Don't try to push outdated managerial systems on Millennials. They do not appreciate the traditional manager/employee relationship. Instead, they would rather view every coworker as an equal. They want to discuss ideas openly, regardless of experience or previously gained knowledge. Each business challenge is viewed as a unique problem, to be discussed and solved as a team, rather than assigning it as an individual task to an employee. Another positive of Generation Y is their desire for complete transparency in the workplace. Full disclosure on salary, company processes, and trade secrets are appreciated by Millennials, and this in turn will lead them to be open with their staff as managers. They want a workplace to be an open environment for ideas that will lead to company growth and success. 2. Millennials Are Comfortable With Evolving Technology This generation grew up in a digital age. They are used to, and actually require, technology's constant updates and changing digital landscape. Millennials are the generation that has to have the newest phones and electronics. They expect software updates on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. While many people from the older generations may look at Gen Y as lazy or lacking focus, the opposite is actually true. Millennials analyze the shortest distance between problems and solutions. They are adept at troubleshooting and enjoy tackling problems head-on. These rising professionals are part of a "Google smart" generation. They do not look to libraries for answers, but know that a quick Google search puts all the information they may need at their fingertips. 3. They're Creative Thinkers Millennials are much more open-minded to creative solutions than previous generations, such as Baby Boomers or Generation X. Unlike these previous generations that kept their head down and focused on retaining job security, Gen Y is much more comfortable with taking risks and thinking outside the box. These creative trailblazers focus less on their place in a company, and instead look at the "big picture". Understanding their entire business sphere makes Millennials much more effective at knowing how to make positive and efficient changes. Their creative problem-solving techniques allow them to appreciate the opinions of newer employees, regardless of experience. 4. A Generation Of Natural Leaders Gen Y possesses HUGE amounts of confidence. This is an entire generation of people that have never been told that they can't succeed, but rather that anything is possible if they put in the necessary time and effort. Millennials don't hesitate to examine every inch of a business, and then make suggestions for helpful changes. They will take a role as a leader without waiting to be asked. What they may lack in years of experience, they will make up for with enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference in their workplace. Generation Y will constantly demand that their company challenge them, so in turn they will pass this down in their managerial style. Millennial managers want to see employees become self-starters and team players instead of relying on constant direction from supervisors. 5. Big Believers In A Work/Life Balance Gen Y is not looking for a 9-5 job that merely pays the bills. They are a generation that believes wholeheartedly in balancing their work lives with their social lives. They know how to make work environments fun while also understanding the importance of getting work done. Rather than living to work, they believe strongly in enjoying their pursuits. It isn't just a job or career for Millennials, but a way to feel fulfilled in life. They want to feel successful and constantly challenged by their employers, and this leads to them doing the same to their managerial style. Asking the most out of their employees, while also providing a fun and interesting environment for them to learn, is one of the greatest strengths Millennials will bring to positions of management. Before you know it, Millennials will be leading the world of business. Although many Baby Boomers and older generations still doubt and distrust their skills, embracing what defines their generation will allow businesses to thrive and grow. Make sure your company knows how to harness their unique attributes and turn them into successful leaders. After all, Millennials are the future of your company
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