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If I asked you casually in passing, which would you consider analogous to your sales style -beinga greyhound or a thoroughbred- you might pause and consider the characteristics and traits of both, and after pondering, see value in both. It might be a difficult choice on the surface, however, if you look more closely, you would reconsider. I was listening to a minister recently break it down in an interesting way, so let's consider his analysis. A thoroughbred is born to run. It's inherent in their competitive nature; a thoroughbred's nature is to run even without incentive. They basically don't like to stand equal with other thoroughbreds around them. They want to stand out, and they want to win. The gate opens. They run. No incentive; no other reason other than they want to beat the horses around them and separate themselves from all the other horses. They don't like running in a pack. They like to run out in front... that's what makes them thoroughbreds. Now compare that to a greyhound - ever seen a greyhound run? It's not actually part of their DNA to compete; it's not a part of their natural characteristics. They need an incentive to run. In fact, if you don't put the rabbit out in front of them, they won't run. They are not natural competitors. If you talk to a greyhound breeder, they'll tell you greyhounds have a fairly difficult disposition; they are particular with whom they'll socialize. Greyhounds are also rather moody. You might even call that their ego: proud to be a greyhound, but no real reason to be proud. Now consider the same qualities in a salesperson. You know that a salesperson believes there has to be some incentive for them-something that would force them to want to be better. If the incentive is not there, they'll basically just hang around in a pack and grumble. Now, the question again: are you a thoroughbred or a greyhound? One's a natural competitor and wants to run at the front of the pack. The other requires an incentive and motivation before they'll run. Can you spell Triple Crown
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