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The Solutionary Mindset with Michael Mathews, VP for Innovation and Technology, Oral Roberts University

Join us as Michael Mathews shares his expertise on becoming a Solutionary - someone who applies their time, intellect, emotion, and passion to solve today's most pressing issues. By understanding that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for everything but rather tailor-made answers for each problem at hand, Mike outlines how this concept is key in assisting clients and employees to reach better outcomes. Whether you're working in sales or leading an organization, it is worth tuning into our episode!

Michael Mathews is a solutionary, or a problem solver, who drives innovation, sales, and results. He believes that a common mistake people make is trying to boil the ocean or doing too much too quickly. Anything is possible, but it's important to understand the timing and the season of the problem. Michael advises to use third-grade logic, pay attention to people's emotions, have compassion, and find a solution to the problem.

Key Topics and Timestamps

  • 0:02:24 - Understanding the Ideal Attitude of a Solutionary
  • 0:03:59 - Understanding How to Solve Problems and Meet Quotas
  • 0:05:28 - Solutionary Strategies for Driving Innovation and Results
  • 0:08:30 - Finding Solutions to Difficult Problems
  • 0:09:45 - The Impact of Virtual Reality in Reducing Opioid Addiction
  • 0:11:28 - Behavior and Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time as a Solutionary
  • 0:13:59 - Benefits of Relaxed Selling and Celebrating Later
  • 0:16:51 - Building Professional Relationships and Finding Innovative Solutions
  • 0:18:08 - The Benefits of Skinware for Immersive Learning
  • 0:20:19 - Exploring the Benefits of Fluid Education
  • 0:24:21 - Reflection on Career Success
  • 0:25:37 - Attitude and Actions for Being a Solutionary

Key Takeaways

  • You can bring a lot more value with intelligence by synthesizing that data, telling them what it means, or using it to solve a problem than you can with anything else.
  • A solutionary is someone who is willing to invest time, intellect, emotion, and passion to find solutions for today’s problems. There is no silver bullet for every issue, but there is a solution for every problem.


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