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The results of the Sandler Research Center’s most recent survey, “Leading from the Front in Challenging Times,” offer important insights for sales leaders eager to create and sustain momentum in their sales team.

Compiled to uncover the major challenges faced by sales leaders in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the best responses to those challenges, the survey was divided into seven sections.

  • Strategy
  • People Management
  • Leadership
  • Coaching and Training
  • Technology
  • Human Capital Management
  • Pipeline Generation and Management

Some highlights from the first section, Strategy, follow.

New challenges emerged. 77% of respondents reported that they had experienced major short- or long-term changes in the competitive landscape – changes that directly affected their business. Short-term challenges reported included changes in the marketing mix and issues related to automating business processes. Long-term challenges included a culture of excessive discounting and an increasingly digital sales process.

Remote sales processes are more common. 71% of respondents reported that their sales process had changed as a result of transitioning to remote commercial trading. For some powerful ideas on how your team can succeed in a remote selling environment, read this blog post.

Client retention is a higher priority. 82% of respondents said that their commitment to retaining key clients had increased during the global pandemic. In a related finding, 62% reported finding it difficult or much more difficult to locate and sell to new prospects compared to the pre-COVID-19’s period. For some effective strategies on engaging and retaining important client, take a look at this video.

Download the full “Leading from the Front in Challenging Times” survey report, below. 


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