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The best definition of a heated political climate is the constant "clarification" of what was said yesterday, the day before, and the day before that. When what you said is not what is heard - or if what you heard was not what was said - that is "mutual mystification." Actress Lily Tomlin said it best, "Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?" If a prospect utters something even remotely positive, do you immediately presume the sale? When you lose the sale - you even are mad at the prospect for sending the wrong signals. This is a condition termed "happy ears" and it is always fatal. The cure is to be skeptical, yet nurturing. Your prospect says "I like what you are saying and your product is a good fit!" You respond "I appreciate your kind words - when you say 'good fit' what exactly do you mean?" This is a reversing technique that will show you the difference between nice platitudes and an actual sale. Never presume that the signals are positive - always verify. When you find yourself lost in a sale where the prospect is saying all the right things, yet it is either too soon or too positive, you must say something. David Sandler said "when you feel it, say it-nurturingly!" You might say to your prospect "I get the feeling that you view my service positively, but I'm still not sure if I can help. Can we talk for a few minutes about that?" or "I'm feeling a lot of pressure right now - are you too? Can we talk about it?" If you are well into your sales process, it is worth an extra 10 minutes to discuss what may sink your sale if you don't talk about it. Not sure? Call us and get into a class. Illustration by Rob Gree
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