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Success in selling is the result of the interplay between three critical dimensions – attitude, behavior and technique – that function like the legs of a stool.  Remove one or more, and the stool (sale) collapses.

Cold calling a company president (behavior) to try out a new prospecting approach (technique) won’t lead to sales success unless you also believe it will work (attitude).

Generally we consider someone to have either a positive or negative attitude.  But attitude is even more than feeling optimistic or pessimistic.  Your attitude has to do with your outlook — how you perceive yourself, your company, your product or service and your marketplace.

You can either have an outlook of “possibility” or an outlook of “limitation”.  The person with an outlook of possibility sees opportunity in every interaction and seeks to make things happen.  Failure is just another stepping stone on the road to success, not an indication of personal weakness.  Someone with an outlook of limitation, on the other hand, only focuses on obstacles and roadblocks that prevent things from happening.

In sales, the battle for your attitude is fought between your ears.  Are you going to commit to developing an outlook of possibility or limitation?  The choice is yours.






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