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Top Tier Training & Development Inc. | Seattle, WA

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Organizational Excellence Briefing

Learn how to make your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

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Want a blueprint for a bullet-proof business?

Join other company leaders to learn and discuss the commonly overlooked aspects of creating a bullet-proof business.

Attendees will learn how to begin to blueprint their business to increase value, accelerate growth, and attain success.


For business owners, executives & leaders

Are you...

  • Struggling to create effective & efficient growth of your organization?
  • Frustrated with not getting the right people in the right positions?
  • Disappointed by the lack of accountability within your organization?
  • Concerned about how to effectively turn your company over to new leadership in the coming years?
  • Worried that you do not know where to start to take your company to the next level of performance?

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For a 90-minute workshop that will show you a different approach!


  • How to make your organization run like a well-oiled machine
  • The 14 Blind-Spots that can take any business off track.
  • 6 Leadership Strategies for Organizational Excellence.
  • How to recognize “hard work” vs. “productive work” as you identify the bottlenecks that are keeping you from higher levels of success.
  • How to carefully implement changes in your leadership style that result in long-lasting, positive effects on your business.

Presented by...

James Alberson

A national sales expert and business speaker, James is strongly committed to guiding CEO’s, business owners, sales executives, and their teams to higher revenues, increased profit margins, and greater personal and professional growth.

James started his career as a sales representative for Baxter Healthcare. Originally having his sights set on an eventual career in marketing, he realized early in his sales career that his talents would be best suited to coaching and teaching. With that realization, he set a goal to pursue a career in sales and become the best.


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Delivered in person and virtually.

Sandler Training Center
6840 Fort Dent Way
Suite 100
Tukwila, WA 98188


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