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Remote Training Instructions

Joining a Zoom Meeting and eBeam Meeting

Advanced Sales Mastery and Foundations

Instructions to join Zoom Meeting for Advanced Sales Mastery and Foundations


Below is the information needed to join Sandler Seattle’s Sales Mastery Foundations and Advanced Training Class via Zoom Meeting. The link below is the same each week to join the meeting, so it might be a good idea to record or save it somewhere (maybe even bookmark it). Please note that the meeting invite is not sent out every week once it’s been sent for a new participant. Other than using the direct link, you can record the access code, since it doesn’t change, and simply go to and follow the instructions to join a meeting, using that access code (which is the same as the meeting ID # you’ll be asked to input). Any time that you plan to call in, please try to do so about 5-10 minutes before class starts. That usually helps things go smoothly, and also allows me to send any handouts or exercises via email last-minute, if need be, before we get started. If you have any questions, let me know.

Advanced Sales Mastery

To join my Advanced Sales Mastery meeting, click here.


To join my Foundations meeting, click here.

Sandler Management Training

To join my Sandler Management Training meeting, click here.

Instructions to Join an eBeam Meeting

In order to project my whiteboard onto your computer screen for easier visibility, I’ve incorporated the use of eBeam software. If you do not have the interactive software installed (which I imagine that you don’t), you can download it from here. Then choose Edge+ and scroll down to choose the appropriate download (Windows or Mac OS).  Once you download the application, run the install program to get it set up on your computer. Once the program has been installed, please check your programs to ensure eBeam Capture (Workspace) has been installed.

On the day of each training session, you’ll receive an email invite from me to join an eBeam meeting. It will appear as below:


James Alberson has invited you to an online interactive meeting. 

You will need the following information

Meeting Details:

Meeting Name: [Meeting Name]

Meeting Password: sandlermastery (this will always be the password, if there is one)


Port: 80

Start Time: XX:XX:XX AM Pacific Daylight Time


To join the meeting:

  • Go to start menu and choose eBeam Capture (or it may read eBeam Workspace)
  • ***If an "interactive device box not detected" message pops up when opening eBeam, click cancel and continue following the steps below
  • On the top toolbar of the screen, select 'Meetings'
  • Click ‘Join a Meeting’


Enter the information provided from the email invitation:

  • Meeting Name
  • Password
  • Input your name (or keep the field as is)
  • Click ‘Join Meeting’