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Sandler’s 5-Part Training Series for CEOs, Owners, and Sales Leaders

Learn a system to help your team sell better, easier, and more

Sandler’s 5-Part Training Series for CEOs, Owners, and Sales Leaders

  • Does your team struggle to maintain control over the sales process?
  • Do your salespeople deliver inconsistent results?
  • Are you frustrated because your team cuts prices to get the sale?

If so, this training series can help!

Participants in the training series will come away knowing how to guide their teams to...

  • Maintain control

    Maintain control over the sales process, while effectively driving prospects to buying decisions

  • Disqualify non-opportunities

    Sell more efficiently by systematically disqualifying non-opportunities earlier in the process and qualifying more of the right opportunities

  • Strategize or debrief

    More easily strategize or debrief sales calls with a common language and a selling system with specific steps

  • Recognize problems

    Recognize problems before they become major roadblocks, stalls, and objections.

  • Consistently execute

    Consistently execute the right prospecting behaviors that feed more opportunities into the top of the funnel

  • Create value

    Skillfully create value for the prospect and eliminate the erosion of profits caused by selling on price

  • Become trusted

    Achieve trusted advisor status with prospects through advanced questioning skills and thoughtful discovery in the sales process

  • Execute confidently

    Execute in their selling roles with more confidence and overall competence

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Presented by...

James Alberson

A national sales expert and business speaker, James is strongly committed to guiding CEO’s, business owners, sales executives, and their teams to higher revenues, increased profit margins, and greater personal and professional growth.

James started his career as a sales representative for Baxter Healthcare. Originally having his sights set on an eventual career in marketing, he realized early in his sales career that his talents would be best suited to coaching and teaching. With that realization, he set a goal to pursue a career in sales and become the best.

Executives find value in James’ ability to develop and validate business blueprints for growth and strong management structures. In addition, James helps company leaders develop sales strategy, implement consistent and repeatable front-end sales processes, get and keep the best-of-the-best sales staff, and impart lifelong skills necessary to be a successful sales leader and sales professional.

Joel Burstein

Joel Burstein, the owner of Keep It Simple Training and Development, is a savvy entrepreneur with 19 years of business development experience. After an illustrious career in the financial services industry, Joel realized he gained great personal satisfaction from helping others achieve their professional goal. As a result, he partnered with Sandler Training to provide an easily adaptable selling methodology which, at its core, embodies Joel’s style of professional candor.

Joel’s success can be attributed to his own personal development. After graduating early from The University of Miami, Joel continued to further his education by earning his Certificate of Financial Planning from New York University. His customer focused approach lead to his firm selecting him to attend The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a prestigious 3-year program where acceptance is by invite only.

Joel’s passion for success and dedication to his clients earned him both local and national recognition as America’s “40 under 40”. Recently, Joel was named by The New Pittsburgh Courier as one of 2018’s “Fab 40’” for his “Keep It Simple” approach to executive coaching and sales force development.


5-part series
Nov 12, 19, Dec 3, 10, 17
1-5p EST

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