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Discover the transformational power of intentional inclusion in our enlightening conversation with Dr. Nika White, founder of Nika White Consulting and author of Inclusion Uncomplicated.

Learn how being proactive, strategic, and possessing foresight can pave the way for creating inclusive environments where everyone can excel and feel a genuine sense of belonging.

We also debunk common misconceptions around inclusion, emphasizing that it isn't a zero-sum game, but rather requires a harmonious blend of diversity, equity, and inclusion for people to truly feel accepted and validated.

In the latter half of our discussion, we tackle the challenge of fostering belonging within organizations without labeling it as a DEI event. Dr. White underscores the significance of measuring and monitoring the work's impact instead of just the activity itself. The key lies in having the voices of those with lived experience at the table, ensuring that decisions cater to the needs of diverse individuals. Don't miss out on this insightful episode with Dr. Nika White and learn how to excel through intentional inclusion.

Key Topics, Timestamps, and Key Takeaways

0:00:05 - How to Succeed With Intentional Inclusion

  • We explore what it means to be intentional about inclusion and the power behind the word intentional. I explain how being intentional requires us to be proactive, strategic, and have the foresight to create inclusive environments. We also discuss the common misconceptions around inclusion and the importance of intentionally creating a sense of belonging. I emphasize that inclusion is not a zero-sum game and that it requires a combination of diversity, equity, and inclusion for people to feel accepted and validated truly.

0:12:22 - DEI Implementation and Measurement

  • How can we create a sense of belonging within organizations without explicitly making it a DEI event? It's not just about what we call the work, it's about doing the work, and the mindset shift needed to make a difference. We need to measure and monitor the impact of the work, rather than just the activity. Having the voices of those with lived experience at the table is essential to ensure that decisions impact the needs of those who look different.



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