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Self-discovery, self-reflection, digging into the depths of your soul is important to make your brain and your heart healthier. Make time to understand yourself in its current state through these various forms:



  • Stream of conscious journaling
  • Written affirmations
  • Saying affirmations out-loud in front of a mirror
  • Recording your affirmations and then listening to the audio
  • Prayer and/or meditation

The key to success is persistence, patience, and perseverance.  Try all of these methods of self-discovery and stick with the ones that you enjoy most and give you results.  Dedicate that time to yourself.  Don’t pay attention to anyone else or anything else but you.  It’s a standing appointment with the most important person in your entire universe – you.  Consider the activity a gift to yourself.  The over-arching goal is to provide yourself with a way to monitor your self-talk; try to find a way to get in on the conversation between you and yourself.

After months of doing this stuff, I started to hear the messages that I was telling myself on a regular basis.  It was the strangest thing.  Several times I would hear myself tell myself in these words exactly: “You are wrong.  You made the wrong decision.  You might screw it up.”  I collected as many of these as I could over a couple weeks and then sat down and wrote each of them on a 3X5 card.  Then, on the back of each card I wrote the exact opposite.  I created a new belief, a new message to replace the old and to start sending myself.  "You might screw it up" became "I succeed by TRYING".  My success is in the try!  One thing I noticed was that the messages were being sent starting with “YOU…”  Like someone/something else – some figure of authority (my critical parent probably) telling me that I was going to screw it up. So when I wrote my opposites on the other side of the cards, I made sure to start with "I".  Like I was deciding what I was or how I was going to feel or what I was going to be.  Not someone/something else was going to tell me.

You can’t manage anything you don’t track.  You can’t create new beliefs until you know what your current ones are.  So the first goal really is to LISTEN to yourself and start getting familiar with yourself and the conversation that you are having with yourself all the time.

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