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Top Tier Training & Development Inc. | Seattle, WA

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Executive Briefing: Building A Growth Driven Organization


Discover compelling sales strategies

Are you driven by over-achievement, energized by growth, and possessing the commitment to make it happen? Yet sales still do not increase at the rate you want for your company? Join us for this development session to navigate past the barriers that have been holding you back from the success you want and your business deserves.

Tackle your leadership and sales challenges

This Executive Workshop is a strategy session and introduction to the Sandler Training approach where you can see first-hand how we tackle the leadership and sales challenges you, your leadership team, and your salespeople deal with every day.

Invest a few hours of your time and discover why more than 95% of attendees rate the content and presentation of these sought after selling solutions the BEST they've ever heard.

Are you struggling with... 

•Your relationship sales team being busier taking people to lunches and making friends with prospects rather than bringing in revenue?
•Hiring "Experienced" sales people, but they don't work out?
•Painfully long selling cycles with too many "Think it Overs"?
•Current sales practices and processes that have turned your team into Unpaid Consultants, adding hidden costs to your bottom line in the form of too many proposals?
•No consistent repeatable sales process for your team, so they are winging it?

Discover compelling sales strategies you can take immediately to:

•Create that slight edge sales advantage.
•Take unintentional waste of time and resources out of your sales cycle
•Eliminate forecast volatility.
•Increase deal closure probability.


Join us:

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Please note: This workshop is for Owners, CEOs, Presidents, and Senior-Level Managers