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Foundational Sales Mastery: On-Demand Online

Establishing A Foundation For Your Growth In Sales - Self-Paced Program

Whether you need to get ramped up quickly with your knowledge of the Sandler Selling Process, cannot adhere to a regular schedule for live training, or simply prefer to learn at your own pace, Sandler's On-Demand Virtual Foundational Training Program is designed to be the solution for which you are looking. The program consists of 10 pre-recorded foundational training sessions in which you will get a complete overview of the Sandler Selling system.  Through a private Sandler Online portal, participants are given 24-hour access to the sessions, and each session may be viewed as many times as needed to ensure proper learning and absorption of the content delivered.

Enabling your success is what matters most to us, so you will also have access to these resources:

  • Three live 60-Minute Coaching/Application Sessions with your Sandler Trainer via Zoom Meeting (to be scheduled once registered)
  • Access to reinforcement resources on the Sandler Online learning management platform for 90-Days

Program Overview

Orientation/ Why Have a System?: Getting Started With the Sandler System for Sales Success
◦Discover how the Sandler Selling Process exposes the weaknesses of the traditional buyer/seller dance.
◦Learn why 20% of sales people make 80% of the sales.
◦Discover the tricks employed by savvy buyers and how to avoid getting trapped.

Identifying Compelling Reasons for Doing Business (Pain)
◦Learn a systematic manner with which to uncover your prospect’s true concerns and reasons.
◦How to get them interested, even if they say they aren’t. Conquer prospects’ reluctance to talk about their business issues.
◦Get prospects to see your products and/or services as a solution to their business problem.

Questioning Strategies: How to Effectively Obtain the Information You Need for Sales Success
◦Learn to stay in control of the sales call through strategic and effective questioning.
◦Design a series of questions to keep the call flowing smoothly.
◦Learn to vastly improve your information gathering ability.

Bonding and Rapport: Making the Psychological Connection in the Sales Process
◦Tactics to build rapport — most sales people put 100% of their effort into the 7% factor. Learn about the other 93% and how to build credibility and trust quickly.
◦Exactly what to listen for in the prospect’s initial reactions — and how to respond.
◦A low-key way to seize the initiative and take leadership of the buyer/’seller dance — that your prospect will be comfortable with.

Uncovering the Prospect's Investment Parameters
◦Why sales people leave money on the table.
◦How to find out who really controls the purse strings.
◦How to train your mind to see that price is rarely the real issue.

Prospecting Behavior: Building and Executing Your Prospecting Plan to Consistently Build Your Opportunity Pipeline
◦Develop the appropriate prospecting paradigm.
◦Determine what your prospecting plan should really look like.
◦Learn how to overcome prospecting reluctance.


Up-Front Contracts: How Control of the Sales Process is Established With Each Interaction
◦Shorten your sales cycle by conditioning your prospects to make decisions at every step.
◦Learn to set the right expectations and remove assumptions that create difficulty in the sales process.
◦Discover how to stop your prospect from entering the "witness relocation program" after saying they will get back to you.

Discovering Your Prospect's Decision-Making Process and Closing the Sale
◦Presenting the prospect's solution in a manner that keeps you focused on them.
◦How to know when to close.
◦How to close users vs. managers vs. financial decision-makers.

Improving Your BAT-ing Average: How Behaviors, Attitude, and Technique = Your Total Success
◦The three factors that dictate your success or failure in a sales role.
◦How to establish equal business stature with the prospect and customer.
◦Learn how your personal presence is undermining your effectiveness.