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Voice-Activated Audio Training for Remote & On-The-Go Teams

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Breakthrough Technology for Voice & Mobile

Access over 1,500 courses and podcasts, understand Sandler terms, master Sandler sales methodology, and so much more.

For Salespeople

Change The Routine, Change Your Results

You NEED current, relevant, easy-to-implement prospecting and selling strategies designed to deliver immediate results.

You're READY to add 15-30 minutes of learning time to your daily routine to achieve your professional goals.

You WANT to build a strong, stable, dependable pipeline of leads and prospects without incessant, soul-crushing daily cold-calling.

You KNOW you need to follow a proven sales process but your best learning happens through listening and experience.

For Sale Managers

Coach and Reinforce with Confidence

You WANT to successfully share and implement proven strategies and best practices across a geographically distributed team.

You NEED to streamline your team's sales process with today's best practices that align with company revenue goals.

You're READY to spend your time coaching and reinforcing productive behaviors vs. putting out negotiation fires or personally closing your team's deals.

You KNOW that a reliable recruitment strategy will onboard sales champions and stimulate new business development. 

For Business Owners

Proactively Plan, Recruit, and Execute

You NEED current, relevant, easy-to-implement prospecting and selling strategies designed to deliver immediate results.

You WANT your salespeople, account managers, customer service teams, and their leadership staff to have access to relevant education and help on all things sales, support, and service.

You're READY to proactively prepare your company for any economic cycle so you can turn challenges into opportunities.

You KNOW that having access to a strong digital library of business growth resources will help motivate and align employees to your goals.

Gain Momentum.

With the My Sandler App, you will have access to courses like: How to Success Podcast, The 49 Rules for Sales Leaders, Sandler Sales Mastery, Negotiating Mastery, and much more!

Alexa, Can you help me empower my sales team to succeed? YES!


Sandler has teamed up with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and voice-control programmers to develop the world's first voice-activated sales and leadership training app.



    Learn when and where you want while working independently.



    Find what you want to learn by asking Alexa to search for it!



    Listen to over 1,500 on-demand sales & leadership topics.


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