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Sandler Management Training and Development Program

Develop and refine management and supervisory skills training to strengthen the present and build for the future.

Are you or your management team:

  • Having trouble holding your team accountable to best-practice behaviors?
  • Concerned that your coaching efforts are not helping drive better performance?
  • Flat-out uncomfortable managing people?
  • Fed up with the lack of a structured selling process on your team, but are unsure how to put on in place?
  • Consistently struggling to hire strong performers?

Strategic Management Solutions is our premier ongoing Leadership / Management Development Program in Seattle, WA.

The Sandler Management Development program provides a forum to learn best practices for managing and leading in your organization. Additionally, the program provides an environment where ideas are shared, discussed and refined among management peers. Involvement in the program will allow participants to steadily travel a path of professional and personal development and growth.

This monthly class explores topics critical to developing effective management skills such as performance management, recruiting and effective hiring, motivation, team development, effective communication skills, supervisory skills training and time management skills—everything you need to manage people effectively.

Sandler Training in Seattle

What Is Your Guide to Developing Your Managers?


Supervisor, Coach, Mentor

As a sales manager (or business owner who must assume a sales management role) you have to establish a management framework built on productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability. Do you know how to do that?

It all starts with having the right people in the right places... How do you select and hire the best salespeople, and once hired, how do you effectively onboard them to maximize performance? Recruiting and hiring the best-fit candidate takes more than hiring the applicant with the best resume or interviewing skills. 

Then, when you have the right people, your job is to direct, motivate and coach them to do the selling for you. But what is the most effective way to do that—how do you motivate and lead your sales team to perform?  

Once you've built a good baseline team, how do you maximize everyone's performance to increase sales?  Do you know how to realistically forecast your team's sales funnel?  How do you know that your sales funnel projections are achievable?

sustainable success in sales = accountability

Create a Culture of Accountability for Your Team

Accountability The Sandler Way, written by author and Sandler trainer Hamish Knox, shares how sales managers can create an accountability-driven work culture for their teams and themselves… by investing just 20 minutes a week in Sandler sales and management principles.

Accountability can be a way of life for your sales team, creating clarity for yourself and your team around goals (yours and theirs), the path to achieve those goals (yours and theirs) and the consequences triggered by failing to stick to the path. And it's easier than you think to accomplish.

Part of your responsibility as a sales manager is to help your sales team become more effective salespeople.

So, what can you do to improve your performance and be a better manager, mentor, and motivator?

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