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Foundational Sales Mastery

Establishing A Foundation For Your Growth In Sales

Is Sandler's Foundational Sales Mastery program for you or your team?

  • Frustrated with empty or weak sales pipelines?
  • Upset that too many deals are being lost to competitors?
  • Discouraged that you are not closing the deals that matter?
  • Worried that you cannot get prospects to pay your higher price?
  • Anxious because reaching your sales goals seems impossible?
  • Concerned that you will continue to get mediocre sales results?
  • Angry that "interested" prospects keep disappearing on you?

Program Overview

Sandler's Foundational Sales Mastery Training Program is a complete introduction to the proven Sandler Selling System.  The program is designed to provide an understanding of the basic skills, techniques, and behaviors needed to improve sales performance.  Through specialized training and reinforced application, the program seeks to lay the groundwork critical to success in a career in sales.  Ultimately, the program will help the participant to broaden your selling scope, brush up your skills, and/or set a new foundation from which to start.  Upon completion of the Foundational Training Program, participants will:

  • Be able to prospect more effectively and generate stronger conversations with prospects to help drive their business forward
  • Have a thorough understanding of how to maintain control of the sales process from start to finish
  • Have more advanced questioning skills to better qualify good opportunities and disqualify prospects who simply will not buy
  • Know how to effectively uncover compelling reasons to do business, convey true value, and steer away from selling on price
  • Possess the ability to execute consultative selling more effectively
  • Improve their ability to move deals faster through the sales process to a favorable outcome
  • Be able to effectively uncover and overcome roadblocks that would otherwise stop the process from moving forward
  • Gain a new level of confidence and competence in the sales process that previously did not exist.

Sandler's Foundational Sales Mastery Training Topics Include:

The Importance of Having a System for Selling
◦Discover how the Sandler Selling Process exposes the weaknesses of the traditional buyer/seller dance.
◦Learn the key factors that must be considered for obtain sustained growth in your selling ability.
◦Discover how your current selling paradigm is hindering your overall sales success. 

Effective Prospecting Behavior
◦Develop the appropriate prospecting paradigm.
◦Best-practice behaviors and tactics to fill your pipeline.
◦Create and hone a 30-second commercial that gains interest and starts conversations.

How Behaviors, Attitude, and Technique = Your Total Success
◦How to establish equal business stature with the prospect and customer.
◦Hidden barriers to success in selling, and how to overcome them.
◦Create your cookbook of behaviors to make you successful.

Effectively Creating Trust in the Sales Process
◦Learn how to build credibility and trust more quickly.
◦Effective communication in all stages of the sales process
◦Discover how you may be undermining your communication effectiveness

How Control of the Sales Process is Established and Maintained
◦Shorten your sales cycle by conditioning your prospects to make decisions at every step.
◦Learn to set the right expectations and remove assumptions that create difficulty in the sales process.
◦Discover how to stop your prospect from entering the "witness relocation program" after saying they will get back to you.

Identifying Compelling Reasons for Doing Business (Pain)
◦Learn a systematic manner with which to uncover your prospect’s true concerns and reasons.
◦Creating a pain-focused conversation to get prospects to effective understand your unique value proposition.
◦Distinguish yourself from the competition by moving away from feature-benefit selling.

Advanced Strategic Questioning Strategies
◦Learn to stay in control of the sales call through effective questioning.
◦Learn to vastly improve your information gathering ability, while reducing the tendency to "show up and throw up".
◦Improve your consultative selling ability through strategic questioning

Effectively Conducting the Money Conversation
◦How to turn price conversations into value conversations.
◦Overcome the roadblocks that prevent you from getting your price.
◦How to determine if the prospect is willing and able to move forward in the process.

Discovering Your Prospect's Decision-Making Process
◦Learn the right way to uncover the true decision-making process and to get access to decision-makers.
◦How to drive consensus in complex decision scenarios.
◦Learn the specific manner in which to ask questions to get a positive decision more often.

Closing the Sale
◦Closing effectively by presenting to the prospect’s pain, decision-making process, and budget.
◦Solidifying the buying commitment and avoiding back-outs or competitive undercutting.
◦Generating more referrals even before you "prove yourself."

Which Program Delivery Option is the Best Fit for You?

Because different clients have different needs, the Foundational Sales Mastery Program is available to be delivered in three different ways:

Option 1: Mixed-Group Live Instructor-Led Training with Application and Reinforcement

Click here to explore this delivery option if you:

  • Are able and prefer to physically attend training sessions at a physical venue
  • Want the maximum amount of exposure to the training and coaching environment over a longer period of time
  • Are driven to maximize all additional training reinforcement resources made available to ensure long-term, sustained growth and development


Option 3: On-Demand Virtual Learning w/ One-on-One Coaching

Click here to explore this delivery option if you:

  • Are unable to adhere to a regular schedule for training sessions
  • If you are joining a team already using the Sandler Methodology and you must ramp up quickly
  • Simply prefer to learn at you own pace and learn best in a solo setting

Option 2: Live Online Training Sessions

Click here to explore this delivery option if you:

  • Prefer shorter scheduled online sessions, but want live instruction and reinforced application throughout the learning process
  • Are unable to regularly attend live in-person sessions, due to geographic challenges, company restrictions, or other limiting situations

See What Our Clients Say

“Since adapting the Sandler training techniques I have not only been promoted, but I am now ranked number one in my company. I made more money last quarter than I did all last year.” -- Brandon Pickering, Northwest Territory Manager, Conmed Electrosurgery

"Sandler training from James totally changed the way we think about our sales process. We've stop wasting time with unqualified prospects that will never close and are closing faster, clearer, and better deals than ever before." -- Kav Latiolais, Principal/Owner, LIFFT

"Everything was wonderful! James has such a way to connecting to this "students". I will continue to try and take classes taught by him. I have never been disappointed." -- Shayna Moran, Group Sales Manager, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton - Seattle Airport Southcenter

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We look forward to hearing from you!  Give us a call or send us an email to let us know what roadblocks you may be encountering in sales or management.  We can discuss what course and training options would work best for you.  Remember, the first step in success is making the call!